Lateef Farooqui's roots are from the construction industry. He worked as a land developer and general contractor for years in the family business and when the housing bubble of 2008 devastated his business he opted to not give up and started a hail damage repair company. Finding that salespeople would not knock doors or hit quotas he decided to build an in-house call center to set appointments for his reps. 

Worry about making your customers money, and you will never have to worry about money.
— Lateef Farooqui CEO/Founder
Lateef Farooqui CEO/Founder

Today the same philosophy and qualifications are applied to every appointment set by our staff. Lateef is also available for consulting services and speaking engagements as he teaches roofing contractors across the nation how to Optimize, Automate and Delegate their day to day operations and increase revenues while taking back their freedom.

meet some of the faces that make us the leader in roofing appointments

Monica Senior Accounts Manager


Senior Accounts Manager

Diego Senior Operations Manager 


Senior Operations Manager 

Jon Senior Site Manager


Senior Site Manager

Chloe Accounts Manager


Accounts Manager

Grecia Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistant

Claudia Human Resources Manager 


Human Resources Manager 

and some of the other key players...

Jose Quality Control Manager


Quality Control Manager

Tom Business Consultant


Business Consultant

Roy Room Manager


Room Manager

Amy Billing Manager


Billing Manager

Phillip Training Manager


Training Manager

Jessica Virtual Office Solutions Manager


Virtual Office Solutions Manager