Qualified Storm Leads provides professional and affordable lead generation for Commercial Roofing Contractors across the USA. By offering an ongoing marketing program we have found that we can help Contractors increase revenues and coverage.

Get B2B Roofing Appointments fast!

When you enroll in our program our Inside Sales Representatives will work to generate leads daily as well as nurture slow maturing contacts through methodical process that result in increased appointments.


best commercial roofing appointments
Commercial roofing sales is a whole different world, don’t just assume it will be just like residential with more profit - it won’t!
— Lateef Farooqui

What We Offer Commercial Roofing Professionals

We help get Commercial Roofing Professionals past gatekeepers and performing inspections for presentation to qualified decision makers. We take the burden of marketing off your hands so you can focus on growing your Commercial Roofing Company more effectively.


Appointment Results Include:

  • Meet and Greet Appointments
  • Commercial Roofing Inspections
  • Face-to-Face Presentations
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Re-Roofing Projects
  • Roofing Repair Jobs
  • Large Loss Insurance Restoration

Our Guarantee

  • Appointments are Exclusive
  • Located in Your Target Area
  • Insured Properties Only
  • Minimum Roof Size 10,000 SQFT
  • Allow for Inspection

Why the monthly fee? 

Simple, commercial appointments are typically not made on the first call, rather a process of nurturing the lead by working through the gatekeepers and corporate ladders to get to the proper party via emails and phone calls. This process typically takes our callers 6-9 "touches" to acquire an appointment, the commitment we ask for monthly is to offset the costs of managing this process.

Commercial Roofing Appointments Voyage Membership runs $250/month, we bill each qualified appointment at an additional $250 each billed the following week of the inspection.